Going Through Shaun T25 Review can be Useful

Personal Training

Focus T25 is a DVD based exercise program designed by Shaun T that is quite intense and is basically aimed at people who do not have much time.   

Nutrition Coaching

Saturday is kept for monitoring one's progress while on Sunday, a person can do the stretching exercises. The exercise DVD is of 11.25 minutes and the program consists of a nutrition plan, exercise calendar and an exercise resistance band. 

The Shaun T25 reviews

The Alpha phase helps one get prepared

The Shaun T25 review for the Alpha phase is quite praiseworthy as a lot of workouts can be quite challenging for a starter. There are five workouts in it that can lay a good foundation to the fitness of a person because it also has a nutrition plan in place that need to be followed. The exercises can lower the heart rate and teach a person on the techniques of working and moving one's body. This phase consists of Cardio, Abs interval, Lower focus, Speed 1.0 and Total body circuit exercises that can help an individual. 

The Beta phase can be quite intense  

It is the second month of training and in this phase, there can be added resistance. So, a person can use a 12 pound dumbbell for the purpose. The workouts are centred on developing the core strength of a person. There is more leg work and the momentum can shift considerably. Therefore, the Shaun T25 reviews are quite overwhelming and it consists of the following workouts - Core cardio, Speed 2.0, Rip'T circuit, Dynamic core and Upper focus.These two phases can be quite useful for a person who does not have much time for exercise and is yet looking to shed some extra kilos and stay fit and healthy